With the rise of COVID-19 cases across the state of Montana, we can't be surprised really about this decision.

406 MT Sports is reporting that even though the Montana High School Association wants to expand attendance for high school sporting events, Gallatin County health officials will stick to their guidelines and will only allow two spectators per athlete at games.

The Montana High School Association wants to expand the guidelines to six visitors per athlete because they believe people will still be able to socially distance appropriately and be safe. This would be for all sporting events starting now from playoff football to postseason volleyball and will carry into winter sports.

I understand why the Montana High School Association wants to expand attendance at sporting events for postseason sports right now to see if it's feasible for people to properly maintain social distancing because come January 2021 when winter sports start, sports like wrestling and basketball will need more than two spectators per athlete or it will feel empty.

The thing is though, I respect Gallatin County's decision to limit the amount of fans still at sporting events even though I can't even imagine what it's like for the high school athletes who miss the crowds. Especially cause you can't get the student section to be there to cheer you on. With the increasing cases of COVID-19 not only in Gallatin County but throughout Montana, Gallatin County health officials are just playing it safe and I understand that.

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