This might be a fantastic move for the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office to be honest.

The Belgrade News is reporting that the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office is looking into a building in Four Corners for a possible move. The building they are looking into in Four Corners is the Zero In Indoor Shooting Range just off of Jackrabbit and Baxter.

The reason why Sheriff Brian Gootkin is looking in to the move is because they have been cramped in the Law and Justice Center and need to free up some space. The Law and Justice Center has been getting cramped with more operations in the Gallatin County. So Sheriff Brian Gootkin kindly asked the county commissioners into possibly purchasing the building.

The Zero In Indoor Shooting Range is a 25,000 square foot building that sits on 6.5 acres of land. Right now, the building is going for a just a mere $5.5 million dollars. That actually seems cheap for that much land and a building that could be good to go soon.

Over the next few weeks, Sheriff Brian Gootkin and the county commissioners will go check out the building and determine what will need to be done for remodeling. That is due to the fact they won't move their entire operation out of the Law and Justice Center. The bonus is that now the Gallatin County Sheriff's will not have to go to the Logan Shooting Range for practice now, they can just walk down the hall.

The seems like a perfect move for the Gallatin County Sheriff's. Four Corners is in a perfect location from all the towns in our area. It seems like a great fit and a fantastic idea.

For more details, check out the Belgrade News.

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