It may not be 'Miami to Ibiza,' but this past weekend I took a road trip from Bozeman to Denver. I was excited to head down to Denver for a little get away and for the chance to see Tinie Tempah open for Lupe Fiasco.  After arriving late Friday afternoon and hitting up the 16th street mall for an outfit for the night, I was ready to rock. The concert was held at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. A very beautiful auditorium I must say.  Once we were in the doors I was ready to go. I was surprised to see Chiddy Bang as the opening act. I was a little thrown off by them opening because I did not hear anything about them performing. I did not think much of it and continued jamming out.  With drink in hand and smile on my face I was so excited to see Tinie Tempah hit the stage.  The lights went out after Chiddy Bang and the stage was getting turned over. With much anticipation the lights turn on the crowd went wild and there was Lupe Fiasco! What, where's Tinie Tempah I about died.

Now don't get me wrong Lupe was amazing I have never seen anyone perform with so much energy and enthusiasm I just was so pumped about Tinie Tempah, or should I say Tinie Tim as everyone at the dental office teasing me because they can't figure out his name.  The concert still rocked of course and I had a great time and would recommend anyone who gets a chance to see Lupe live do it! I just have to say the joke was definitely on me!

With that said, tonight I thought I would share some Lupe anyways because we all know he still rocks.....Enjoy:)