Honestly, this would make a lot of sense because the population of Bozeman has been stretching that way for a while.

A couple of weekends ago I was visiting a friend that lives out near Four Corners and I was in charge of grabbing some items for a BBQ and I am a person of convenience. I will more than likely grab the items way ahead of time but sometimes we forget and we need to make a run to the grocery store. The thing is, there isn't a grocery store in Four Corners. The closest one is Rosauers off of Huffine and that is a trek.

So this got me to think, when will a grocery store be built or added to Four Corners. This would be a smart move because the sprawl of Bozeman's population is spreading that way and would be a perfect stop to grab items before going to Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky, or heading to the Madison River.

A grocery store would be a welcome addition to Four Corners, especially for residents. The citizens out there wouldn't have to travel miles into Bozeman or Belgrade to buy groceries and waste time dealing with traffic.

If it was my choice, I think Town & Country Foods would crush it out there and they are a great local grocery store. They already have multiple locations in Bozeman and a location in Livingston and Belgrade too. Plus, locals prefer to shop at local grocery stores, and if they have a deli as they do at the Town & Country Foods on the MSU Campus, that will be perfect.

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