It's that time to get in the spooky spirit, and if you want to find somewhere eerie and unsettling, this Montana location is perfect.

October in Montana is a great time to be here. Several spots are known to be haunted. Paranormal enthusiasts go everywhere, from ghost towns to old hotels to battlefields, to try and feel closer to spirits.

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The usual places in Montana known to be haunted are Bannack, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Virginia City, and more. Everyone in these places has had paranormal encounters people travel to Montana to experience, but could there be another place that might be more haunted than all those spots?

Photo by JR Korpa via Unsplash
Photo by JR Korpa via Unsplash

An account on TikTok called Geodesaurus made a series about Haunted Hydrology, essentially water spots that could be haunted. You might think they would pick Flathead Lake, with the urban legend of the Flathead Lake Monster, but you would be wrong.

There is another place in Montana that has a dark history and can be very eerie. That spot would be Quake Lake. Check out the video.

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Credit: Geodesaurus via TikTok

Quake Lake near Yellowstone National Park was created in 1959 after a massive earthquake. The earthquake caused an 80 million-ton landslide, causing several cabins, cars, and houses to be instantly buried or swept away.

Destination Yellowstone via Facebook
Destination Yellowstone via Facebook

After the damage, 28 people were killed, and many of the bodies were never recovered. Certain places at Quake Lake have buried houses and trees to give off an eerie vibe that might have you wondering what could be lurking around the corner.

The area of Quake Lake is stunning, but with the history of how it was formed, we wouldn't be surprised if there are lingering spirits around this body of water.

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