Montana boasts plenty of rumored haunted houses and buildings, but what is considered the "most haunted"? For that, you'll have to go to Billings.

Our obsession with haunted mansions and spooky places in Montana is a big deal, to say the least. Just look at us. Every year around Halloween our radio station does a big ghost hunt with listeners. We've traveled all over to some of the spookiest places in the Big Sky state including haunted houses, the old Montana Prison, and even haunted orphanages. And more times than not, we've come home with some evidence that we just cannot explain.


The question remains, where is the 'most haunted"? Well, according to Ranker, it's a mansion that resides in the biggest city in Montana.

The Moss Mansion was built in 1902 by Preston and Martha Moss. Preston was very smart when it came to finances and business. He had his hands in everything from media to toothpaste and used those profits to build an incredible 28-bedroom home that sits on a two-acre lot. The couple's daughter, Virginia Moss died at the mansion at the age of 6, and ever since it's said she still roams the halls.  Later both Preston and Martha would also pass away in the home. You can take a virtual tour via the video provided by the Billings Gazette below:

The mansion is now owned by the Billings Preservation Society. They are so sure that it's haunted that they even throw a Halloween "Haunted Moss" sleepover. Yes, a sleepover in arguably the most haunted place in Montana on Halloween. 

No. Thank. You.

If you don't want to have a heart attack and pass away in the Moss home from fear and become one of the permanent residents, you can take an easy day tour. The schedule is only open for a few months, however, so book here soon if you are brave enough. 

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