Here in the Gallatin Valley we have seen so many restaurants open lately that we may forget about all of the eateries that we've lost.

Here are five restaurants the that were beloved in the Gallatin Valley and are still missed by many people today.

Suggestions that have come in since this was originally published include:

Rio Sabinas in Belgrade, which was a local Tex-Mex favorite.

It's Greek to Me in Bozeman, featuring Greek cuisine and a Mediterranean vibe.

Over the Tapas in Bozeman, great place to share plates downtown.

Heap Burger in Bozeman, a well-known food truck that rolled out of town.

Boodles in downtown Bozeman, upscale, popular place for drinks and food lost in 2009 gas explosion.

Spanish Peaks Brewing Co., was the original Bozeman micro-brewery. First located north of present-day Safeway.

Ferraro's in Bozeman, was on N. 7th offered funky Italian vibe and good place for larger gatherings.


  • 1

    John Bozeman's Bistro

    This was a staple of downtown Bozeman for over 30 years. With great food and the only place you could get a bag of calamari.

  • 2

    Pickle Barrel of Belgrade

    Delicious sandwiches and fantastic location. Such a bummer they had to close.

  • 3

    Frank's Deli

    Perhaps the best philly cheesesteak in Bozeman. They were off the beaten path on Babcock, but they had phenomenal sandwiches.

  • 4

    Homestead Cafe

    A true Bozeman secret that was open for over 100 years. Cash only, breakfast only and was simply delicious.

  • 5

    Taco Del Sol in Downtown Bozeman

    Taco Del Sol downtown was the place to grab a quick taco or burrito. Heartbreaking but you can still get eat at the Four Corners location.

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