You don't always have to head to downtown Bozeman for an excellent breakfast. Some alternatives are as tasty. 

We know breakfast in Bozeman is one of the hottest meals every day of the week and can be a headache trying to get a table. Downtown Bozeman has several mouthwatering breakfast spots, including the iconic Western CafeJamCateye Cafe, and a few others. 

The problem with these breakfast restaurants is that everyone from locals to tourists mob these places, and you could end up waiting a long time to even get seated. If you are trying to get breakfast after 10 AM, you are going to be in big trouble. It's not the downtown restaurant's fault, everyone heads downtown when they think of breakfast. 

Well, we are here to fix that problem. Luckily there are fantastic breakfast spots that aren't in downtown Bozeman that are tasty alternatives. These restaurants are spread out from the Montana State campus, Four Corners, and down the road from Downtown Bozeman. 

Each of these breakfast places has delicious items that will put a smile on your face and probably cure any hangover you might be trying to deal with that day. We covered everything from simple and easy breakfast restaurants too if you want to feel a little fancy. 

So maybe this weekend, take a break from the downtown Bozeman breakfast restaurants and try something new or a place you haven't been in a while. Slowly but surely, these places are becoming my new go-to breakfast spots during the weekend. 

5 Great Breakfast Alternatives To Downtown Bozeman

Tired of the big crowds and long waits? Well, how about you try some alternatives to downtown Bozeman breakfast spots. Here are our favorites.