With the college population and the tourists, you would think more restaurants would look into staying open late. It could be a moneymaker.

The Gallatin Valley has some incredible restaurants that rival any city or town in Montana. Whatever you are in the mood for, the Bozeman area has something that could curb your hunger. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are well covered but what about food for the late-night crowds?

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If you are looking for a late-night food option and it's not the weekend, choices are sparse. One option is Mr. Burritos out in Four Corners, which is open 24 hours. If it's Friday or Saturday, your options are either Tarintino's Pizza or a few food trucks on Main Street or 7th Avenue.

Photo by Dominique Shaw via Unsplash
Photo by Dominique Shaw via Unsplash

These food spots are fantastic, but the Bozeman area could use more options for late-night food and not just the bar crowd. Many people work graveyard shifts and leave work wishing they could pick up something to eat on their way home.

With the growing population of Bozeman and the constant year-round tourism, there is an opportunity to make good money on late-night food. The main hurdle in making this happen is finding staff for those positions.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

What if this was a perfect world, and we had our pick of what restaurants we would love to see open late? We thought about this question and found some great answers.

Here are Five Bozeman Restaurants We Would Love To See Open Late.

Five Bozeman Restaurants We Would Love To See Open Late

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