UPDATE: Gallatin Valley, you are so crazy about Fishers of Men Foods that they are still in Bozeman at the Gallatin Valley Mall parking lot selling meat, seafood, pork and chicken.

We will be broadcasting live again at the Gallatin Valley Mall parking lot on Friday, October 2nd from 4 PM to 6 PM. We will be letting everyone know about the sweet deals going on and giving away some great swag. See you then!


Starting tomorrow, September 23rd through Monday, September 28th the Fishers of Men will be will be at the Gallatin Valley Mall with some pretty incredible deals on meat, seafood, chicken and more for you to stock up on.

They are coming all they up from Texas and they will have a huge supply of rib eyes, T-bone steaks, New York strips, and fillets. Plus, there will be several seafood options of jumbo shrimp, lobster and more. Then there is also gourmet pork and chicken breasts options as well.

Grilled Lobster and vegetables on plate.
moomusician/Getty Images

One of the best deals they will have is the twenty rib eyes for the low price of $35. That's an absolutely insane deal.

What more could you want? Oh I know, how about us? 96.7 KISS FM will be will be broadcasting live at the Gallatin Valley Live Wednesday, September 23rd from 4 PM to 6 PM. We will be hanging out and supporting these awesome deals and also giving away some pretty cool prizes that you will want to get your hands on.

The Fisher of Men are making life super easy too. Just pull up, pop your trunk and get loaded up on incredible deals that will have your freezer stocked up for months.

So don't miss the Fishers of Men at the Gallatin Valley Mall starting tomorrow, September 23rd through Monday, September 28th at the Gallatin Valley Mall parking lot because let's be honest. Their incredible deals will have the supplies going fast.

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