Popular Bozeman Mexican restaurant Fiesta Mexicana has confirmed to us that they will be moving from their current location off of Aspen Street to the old Panda Buffet next to the overpass on 7th.

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

When will they open exactly? Fiesta Mexicana told us they will be opening in 2019 but an exact date is up in the air at this point.

If have driven near the old Panda Buffet location lately you can see a large dumpster outside, indicating that the building is being cleared out so that Fiesta Mexicana can begin making changes.

This new location seems to be a good move for Fiesta Mexicana. It's a bigger building, better parking and is highly visible from I-90.

With Toro recently closing down, there are now fewer options for Mexican food in Bozeman. We can't wait to check out Fiesta Mexicana when the restaurant relocates to the new building.

Fiesta Mexicana will still be open at their location on Aspen Street and have a second restaurant in Belgrade.

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