Well this will be a different experience at high school sporting events.

KBZK is reporting that Gallatin County will be limiting the amount of fans at high school sports events.

Football in motion over grass
Thomas Northcut/Getty Images

From the press release, the Gallatin County Health Department will only allow two fans per player No visiting fans outside of Gallatin County will be allowed. If they are within county limits, they will also receive two fans per player.

The other caveat of the plan is that all fans will be required to wear masks at all sporting events. That statement was from Mark Ator who is the Bozeman and Gallatin High School Athletic Director.

This will make all high school sporting events vastly different. We can probably count on not having a student section or one that is vastly smaller than usual. Let's say they only have sixty kids on the varsity football team, that means only 120 people will be able to get into the game, social distance and cheer on the Bozeman Hawks or the Gallatin Raptors.

That will look really weird. The other interesting thing is not fans from outside the county will be allowed. So there will be games where there will be no one able to watch and cheer on the visiting team.

The only times visiting fans will be allowed to go see their teams play is if Belgrade, Bozeman or Gallatin High are playing each other in our county.

If this goes into the winter, just imagine what basketball games would look like with not pep band, student section. Just plain weird. Then again, it's 2020 and everything normal is out the window.

For more details, check out KBZK.

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