It seems as though you can not go anywhere without people grabbing their phones and recording everything you do, say, and maybe...shouldn't say. You would think that if you are part of the "celebrity status", you would make sure that you are always on your best behavior.

Ted Cruz wins Iowa caucuses
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For former presidential candidate and United States Senator Ted Cruz, he is about to learn the hard way. But let's be honest, he should have seen this coming from a mile away. Unless of course, he didn't think anyone actually knew who he was.

Here is the problem, can you really see or hear what he is saying? You can not read his lips, you can't really hear his voice, so this Reddit post is based all on hear say. They were clearly there to witness the situation, so we just take it for what they say it is?

From his body language, it seems as though he is irritated, but we have all been that way. Especially when it comes to traveling. I HATE having to run to my gate, when my flights are delayed, or even more annoyingly, when they are cancelled.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

According to this Reddit post, Cruz had missed his flight and was NOT happy about it. IF that is the case, the only person he has to really be mad at, would be himself. Someone with his status should have called ahead perhaps? Us average Joe's could never do that and have anyone care, but I would think he would have some sort of pull? They all think they do, right?

I did reach out to Cruz via Twitter with no response, I will keep you posted. There is a good chance I will not be getting a "tweet" back. Of course, if I do, you guys will be the first to know.

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