If you haven't heard of Ben and Jerry's latest talk show inspired flavors, you have to read this. Stephen Colbert has his flavor 'Americone Dream' and Jimmy Fallon just this week got his own flavor 'Late Night Snack'. The two are not so happy about sharing the spotlight with their exclusive flavors and Fallon makes a hilarious appearance on the Colbert Report as the two duke it out.

Jake Coyle - AP Entertainment

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon faced off on Thursday's "The Colbert Report" in a mock feud over their respective Ben & Jerry's flavors. The ice-cream maker years ago named "Americone Dream" for Colbert, while earlier this week "Late Night Snack" was unveiled for Fallon, host of "Late Night" on NBC.

The two traded insults, with Fallon claiming Americone Dream was merely a "palate cleanser for `Toss.0.'" Colbert said "Late Night Snack" was "pretty good — for 12:30" and compared it to a Fallon "Saturday Night Live" sketch: "Halfway through, you break down laughing and you can't finish it."

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Watch the hilarious video of Fallon on the Colbert Report attempting to defend his pint of ice cream from Colbert. Who will win the battle? Only ice cream lovers across the country can decide.