Imagine: You're out with your friends and all of a sudden, it's a "great idea" to take a selfie and send it to your ex. Better yet, It's a "great idea" to take a picture of you completely out of control at a club. What's next? Obviously it's time to post to Facebook. Noooooooo! You may have a great wing-man in Facebook this coming year. The next morning when you're fielding through your comments on the picture you really shouldn't have posted to Facebook, you realize that you're an idiot when you go out with your friends. What if your boss sees this? Oh my gosh, is that your ex texting you, now? Did you really tag them in your "see what you're missing" post?

In comes Facebook to (maybe) save the day. Or your life.

Facebook is going to offer a sort of filter that helps you think through if you should really be posting what you're about to post.

While it may save jobs and relationships, people are not happy about this. Let the controversy begin.

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Do you give the okay for Facebook to "save" you from posting a photo that could haunt you later on?