Elle King might have walked away from the 2017 Grammy Awards empty-handed, but let her be the first to tell you: She had a hell of a night, and the magic started as soon as her stroll down the red carpet.

King, whose...unusual?...Grammys Q&A segment had viewers scratching their heads, owned up to her less-than-lucid behavior on Instagram last night (February 13), and said there was reason for her spaciness. The culprit? Pot muffins, of course!

"Sometimes when you're accidentally high af from pot muffins, you don't realize you're A F------ SNAPCHAT FILTER until after the Grammys and people tell you," she wrote.

"This is what happens when you're accidentally rly stoned at the Grammys," she added in a video post of the interview. "You see something shiny, forget that you're on camera, then forget the question, then remember no one should ever let me be interviewed. #SorryMom."

This, of course, was all to the great amusement of her followers.

"Haha now for the important question, what flavor were the muffins: chocolate chip, blueberry, wild berry?" one fan wrote, while another noted "I'm dying laughing right now."

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