Rumors have swirled around the gestating production of New Mutants like so many Terrigen Mists since it was first announced around a year ago. We‘ve pinned down The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone as the hand on the steering wheel. So far he’s confirmed that The Witch starlet Anya Taylor-Joy will take one of the leading roles as Magik, and she’s confirmed that James McAvoy will reprise his role of the young Professor Charles Xavier. But even as the production’s projected spring start date rapidly approaches, little else is known for sure about this lower-profile superhero picture.

Since the first announcements, one of the project’s more frequently repeated rumors was that baby-faced Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams would join the cast in the role of young mutant Wolfsbane, so named for her ability to transform into a wolf. Today brings fresh support for that theory, as the good folks at /Film have noted that Boone posted a fan-art drawing of Williams as Wolfsbane.

As the Twitter bios of media types so frequently state, retweets do not necessarily equate to endorsement, but this seems pretty concrete. The fact that Boone personally tagged Williams‘ account is all but a confirmation of her involvement — otherwise he‘d be some kind of jerk, taunting Williams like, “Look at this drawing a fan did, it’s you in a movie YOU’RE NOT IN.” So we’re left with two equally tantalizing options: either Williams will turn into a feral wolf-girl in an upcoming studio superhero tentpole, or New Mutants is being directed by one of Twitter’s greatest trolls.

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