Well with everything going on this year, this is probably a very safe choice for everyone.

The Bozeman Police announced on Facebook that the Downtown Bozeman Association will be cancelling their yearly Downtown Bozeman Trick or Treating event this year. The Downtown Bozeman Trick or Treating event was planned to happen on Friday, October 30th, from 4 PM to 6 PM.

Due to the sheer numbers the Downtown Bozeman Trick or Treating Event attracts, which has been upwards of 5,000 parents...

Posted by Bozeman Police Department on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Credit: Bozeman Police via Facebook

This event is a massive hit with kids and families. Kids and parents would walk up and down both sides of the street on Main Street and get tons of free candy from so many incredible downtown Bozeman businesses. Plus, it's an extremely safe trick or treating event where traffic can see you and everything is highly organized.

The reasoning behind the event being canceled is due to the fact that this event attracts thousands of kids and parents in a span of two hours and with the COVID-19 pandemic going on the Downtown Bozeman Association wouldn't be able to guarantee the safety of kids and parents during the event and that's why it had to be canceled.

Listen, this whole year has something we have had to deal with on different levels. Whether it be a summer with no traveling, concerts or fun big get togethers. Halloween was going to be affected as well but there are ways you can still have a fantastic Halloween. Sadly your kids won't be able to get the huge candy haul this year as in years past but maybe just trick or treating in your local neighborhood or having a candy scavenger hunt in your house could be a change of pace.

Let's make try to have the best Halloween with everything going on.

For more details, check out the Bozeman Police Facebook.

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