Sometimes the best way to start your morning is with a sugar rush that will have you grinning ear to ear. 

Donut shops are rare here in the Gallatin Valley; luckily, we have one of the best in the whole state: Granny's Donuts, a Bozeman institution. Many of the other bakeries here in the Gallatin Valley don't bake donuts on a daily basis. Fortunately, this bakery is here to help change that. 

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New Day Bakery in Belgrade has been floating under the radar for years and deserves some recognition. This bakery not only makes donuts, but they have donut sundaes and giant donuts as well. Plus, New Day Bakery makes scones, cookies, and much more. If you have a sweet tooth, this is a place you should check out. 

New Day Bakery via Facebook
New Day Bakery via Facebook

Locals love the bakeries in the Gallatin Valley, but there has been a gap left when it comes to donuts. Granny's Donuts is fantastic, but they only accept cash, and store-bought donuts aren't as tasty. Bakeries in Bozeman tend to focus on bread, pastries, and other baked goods, and donuts tend to be an afterthought. 

You might think driving to Belgrade for donuts seems a bit out of the way, but where else can you get a giant donut that could feed your entire family or office? That seems worth the drive. 

New Day Bakery via Facebook
New Day Bakery via Facebook

Plus, wouldn't you want to have a locally made donut instead of one that is made by a giant franchise? Local donut shops tend to have more variety, higher quality ingredients, and taste better. 

For more details, check out New Day Bakery

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