As Bozeman grows, like any other city, the crime rate will also increase. It's just a really sad statistic that goes with population increase.

Recently there has been a string of break-ins on the north side of Bozeman. This has been happening for the last month or so, and like the rest of the community, I'm over it. There are certain things in life that really tick me off, and stealing from people is one of them.

Now some may say, "Well, you should lock your vehicles", "Why would you leave your purse in the car", and "Why do you have cash in your unlocked vehicle?". And I get that, I say the same things to myself; "Why would you leave your car unlocked, it's like you are asking for something to happen".

But here is the reality; life gets busy, carrying in armloads of groceries, running in quick because you have to use the bathroom, maybe you are carrying in a sleeping baby, and you space out locking your vehicle. That's life. We forget.

Some of my neighbors have installed cameras in their windows if they face the parking lot to hopefully catch these low-life thieves. But until they are caught, this will most likely continue to occur.

Have you had your vehicle broken into, or work equipment stolen from the back? Download the XL Country App and shoot us a message about it. Maybe we can get a perimeter and some extra patrol in that area.

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