Mexican food will always have a place in my heart, and I am sad I won't be able to try the best one in Montana. 

Taste of Home published a list of the Best Mexican Restaurant in Every State, and the choice for Montana is exciting. Not because the spot isn't a fantastic Mexican restaurant, but the timing is awkward. 

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The Best Mexican Restaurant in Montana is El Cazador in Missoula. El Cazador is a Missoula institution and has been a staple of the downtown area for almost thirty years. The problem with the selection is El Cazador is closing its downtown location this Friday, May 28th

The owners have another restaurant location and want to focus on that restaurant. Plus, the owners will lease out the El Cazador space and make some great money leasing the vast space in a prime downtown location. 

I am sad that I will never have the opportunity to go to El Cazador and feast on any of their delicious menu items. I am going to blame my sister for never taking me to El Cazador. That seems fair, right? 

Photo by Sangria Senorial via Unsplash
Photo by Sangria Senorial via Unsplash

So where is the best Mexican restaurant in Montana after El Cazador? That's not an easy question. 

We've done many posts on where to get the best burritos in Bozeman, how 7th Avenue has turned into a Mexican dream, and how Mexican food has been expanding fast in Bozeman

Montana has fantastic Mexican food sprawled out throughout the state. From Helena, Bozeman, Whitefish, and Missoula. Finding the best Mexican restaurant will now have a new winner, and that will be fun to find out. 

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