This is actually a pretty genius idea and could be seen very soon in our area.

KBZK released a report about a possibly new machine that could be key to bringing back crowds to big sporting events and large music venues and they could be coming sooner than we think.

A man Mark Zurevinski came up with a solution to help bring folks back into the stands and enjoy the events that they love to go to. In the middle of the pandemic he started a company called Sani Pass.

The company has developed a disinfecting channel walk through machine to kill the novel coronavirus. This incredible machine takes your temperature, then nozzles will spray a fine non-toxic disinfecting solution over your clothes and bag that kill any COVID germs you might have on you.

The price tag of these machines. They come in at about $12,000 per machine.

Zurevinski went on to add,

We aren't suggesting we are a cure. We're suggesting we are a part of a arsenal of products that could help us get back to a place of normalcy

The machine takes eight seconds for one person to go through and get disinfected from the Sani Pass machine. The company believes they could get 55,000 people into a stadium in about 90 minutes.

That would be incredibly impressive. Zurevinksi said they are also in talks with some airports to get the machine installed there too.

The Sani Pass machine would be a huge game changer for so many huge events. Just think about it. If Bobcat Stadium had several of these machines, they could easily get fans in the stands in a calm and safe manner.

Whether it be for sporting events or concerts, the Sani Pass machine could make things feel more normal than it has been the past few months.

For more details, check out KBZK.

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