Most of our problem when we make a New Year's Resolution or even just try to simply change a habit is that it's a...well..habit. We don't really know that we're doing it until we are interrupted in the middle of doing it. Do you reach for something sweet or even spend without thinking twice? Put it in a Kitchen Safe. is BRILLIANT!

The creators of the Kitchen Safe were on ABC's Shark Tank and got a deal! The time-locked jars are available for sale. Well, were available. They're selling out fast!

The idea is that you put something in the jar that you would like to keep from yourself (or others) until a certain time. You program the jar to be unlocked after a certain time. Until then, you're not getting into the jar.

Love sweets but want to limit them. Put your sweets in a Kitchen Safe and set the jar to unlock on the day you would like to allow yourself the treat.

Are you having a party and don't want anyone to drive home? Have everyone put their keys in the jar and set it to open the next day.


I am totally making this sound like an ad. It's not. I just can't get over how simple and genius this idea is.

If I put my sweets in the jar, I'd just have to hold myself back from shopping for new sweets at the easily-accessible store. Dang it!

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