Lil Wayne's dreadlocks have become as big a part of his image as his many tattoos. Late last night, Big Boi posted a picture on Instagram of the two celebrating his 38th birthday, which is today, and Weezy's dreads weren't in the image at all.

It appears that the Young Money rhymer cut his long locks and opted for a short, textured look. The camera shot set the internet ablaze this morning.

People aren't sure what to think, but until pictures surface showcasing a side profile or the back of Wayne's head during the Super Bowl festivities this weekend, we're not believing that the Young Money founder chopped his hair off. Apparently most of his fans don't believe it either.

On Instagram, @Trill757 says, "So y'all are telling me, that you don't see part of his dreads behind his neck on the right? And do you really think we would find out about this thru big bois IG account?  His dreads are just tied back and gotta be retwisted."

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