I have lived in Montana for most of my life and didn't even know this was the deadliest plant.

One of the most popular activities locals and visitors enjoy is hiking. These trails take you to secret locations and hidden beauty that Montana hides every day, but there is some information you should know to keep yourself and your animals safe.

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Most of Montana is covered in a beautiful wilderness. Montana has tall mountains, vast forests, scenic rivers, and wildlife everywhere you might go. The only problem is Montana's foliage is hiding something deadly.

Photo by Mikael Seegen via Unsplash
Photo by Mikael Seegen via Unsplash


Montana has some of the most breathtaking flowers, trees, and foliage. The only problem is that one of these plants is highly deadly to animals and humans.

The deadliest plant in Montana is the water hemlock.


The water hemlock can be found in high elevations in Montana and contains deadly toxic substances. Even a tiny substance of this plant can be highly poisonous. The plant is in full bloom during June and July and can be found near ponds, ditches, and marshes. Ingesting or applying the plant to your skin can kill your or your animal in under 15 minutes.

How can you identify water hemlock? The water hemlock has a swollen base and a hollow stem. The plant is all topped off with a white-spotted top that's easily recognizable. Some folks accidentally mix the water hemlock with the poison hemlock, but keep your distance from both plants.

So if you are planning on hiking in that backcountry or the high elevations of Montana, you should keep your eyes open for this deadly plant. We want everyone to be safe while enjoying Montana.

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