If you want an easy way to find a hiking trail, this might be the app for you. 

Hiking in Montana is one of the most popular outdoor activities during warm months. The Gallatin Valley is covered with hiking trails near and far. Some hikes are short and easy, and some are long, arduous treks. The problem is not everyone knows where the trails are in the Gallatin Valley or Montana, but I might have found something to help. 

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All Trails is a hiking app that will become your new best friend. This app details each hiking trail in your surrounding area or wherever you will be traveling and has a rating system, degree of difficulty, and length of the hike. 

Photo by Toomas Tartes via Unsplash
Photo by Toomas Tartes via Unsplash

For someone who isn't well-versed in the hiking trails around Bozeman, this is a huge help. Going on a hike is a great way to get out, exercise, and truly enjoy the beauty of Montana. 

The only other place you can get details on hiking trails in the Bozeman area is through the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. This organization is credited with all the maintenance that keeps our trails so nice. 

Photo by Jon Flobrant via Unsplash
Photo by Jon Flobrant via Unsplash

If you are a single person in the area, hiking is one of the most common date ideas. Hikes are a great way to get to know someone, and there are a lot of easy hikes around Bozeman. Trust me. 

For more details, check out All Trails

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