Well this is going to be a problem for a while.

The City of Bozeman announced that they have closed Davis Lane from Catamount to Valley Center starting today, July 20th.

The reason being for this closure is the city is installing water and sewer lines down Davis Lane. They are installing these now because they accommodate the growing residential and commercial areas in that part of Bozeman.

John Rodriguez/Getty Images

The closure on Davis Lane will last most likely through mid-September with all of the heavy construction that needs to happen.

So if you live in that area and shop Costco or Target, you will have to go the long way around to get to those stores.

There are several huge projects going on through the city of Bozeman right now from Rouse Avenue to Ferguson and Durston still being shut down for huge projects. The City of Bozeman knows that even though that these projects and detours are a hassle, they are necessary to accommodate our growing city.

Plus, the Durston and Ferguson closures might be done very soon. They are painting the lines and clearing the roads for reopening which is fantastic.

So even though we complain and get frustrated by the summer road construction the thing is, we need it. Plus, we need to do it now before we get hit with winter in the next few weeks.

For more details, go here to see all of the City of Bozeman road projects.

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