Whoa! Stop everything! David Letterman's cue card guy (former cue card guy) has some rage issues and has gone as far as shoving a co-worker against a wall. Cue card guy is now looking for a new job. 

Let's nominate David Letterman for the "Best Boss" award. Bottom line: You don't mess with his staff - even if you are his staff.

Long-time cue card guy unleashed his anger on Letterman writer, Bill Scheft, for interjecting while the three were having a pre-show conversation with the talk show host in his dressing room.  Cue card guy (I'm going to keep calling him that) snapped at Scheft, “I know what I’m doing. Get off my back.” Trying to diffuse the situation, Letterman came back with, "Your sour disposition isn’t helping."  Cue card guy then snapped at Letterman.

Geez, what an anger ball.

To make matters worse, the cue card guy came back to work the next day and grabbed Scheft by the shirt and shoved him against the wall.

After 11 years of working with Letterman, cue card guy is in search of a new job.

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