Former Baywatch “babe” (since the women, like Pamela Anderson, weren’t the only the only hotties on the show) David Charvet may have a brood of kids at home with his wife Brooke Burke, but his status as a 40-year-old father and husband have not caused him to get lazy about his looks.

The French-born actor/singer shows off a bod that is buff.  We can see his taut and toned abs in a myriad of shots on his Facebook page, namely from the 2010 movie ‘The Perfect Teacher.’

While Generation X’ers will remember Charvet as clean-cut Matt Brody on ‘Baywatch,’ he’s toured Europe as a singer and appeared on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in 2008, as well. He looks a wee bit like Latin dynamo Ricky Martin in the shots in the white tank, doesn’t he?

Check out some swoon-worthy shots that should make the mercury rise.