This video is a little too accurate in its re-creation of the dating scene in Bozeman, and I can't stop laughing. 

Since I moved to Montana, dating has been a wild ride. Montana is filled with single people with so many different interests and perspectives, and Bozeman seems to be the hub of all these clashing personalities.

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Last night my sister sent me a TikTok video about how the creator changes her personality to pull Bozeman men, and it's absolutely beautiful. 

@morrisseyatemybf Replying to @mmakenamarieee ♬ Follow me if you like skiing - Isaac

Credit:morriseyatmybf via TikTok

The video describes how a lot of men here in the Bozeman area are into running every day, footwear, fishing, and other outdoorsy activities. It's brutally honest about how these hobbies become their entire personality. I sent this video to many of my friends in the Gallatin Valley area, and they all agree she hit the dating scene in Bozeman right on the head. Sad to say I know quite a few guys who fit this mold, and it makes me chuckle knowing that other people have noticed this trend. 

honorable mentions to: the Grateful Dead fans, the river rats, the anglers, and the trail runners
♬ Follow me if you like skiing - Isaac

Credit:morisseyatmybf via TikTok

Dating in the Gallatin Valley area can be a little difficult sometimes, especially when using superficial dating apps, but anyone can find love in Montana. Hopefully, you won't have to change your personality too much if you meet someone you like. 

Plus, cuffing season is about to start. So love might be in the air for some of us. 

Either way, I hope we get more videos like this so we can always chuckle at the current dating scene of the Gallatin Valley. 

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