This is actually kind of a genius idea with vaccine that will be rolled out they will need more locations to help administer the vaccine.

So the COVID-19 vaccine has been rolling out to all the states nationwide and there are several locations where you can get it. The thing is, in several states Costco Wholesale has been helping administer the vaccine's to the public. Pharmacies in Costco Wholesale's in Washington, Oregon, California, New York and South Carolina are so far the only ones that will be giving out the vaccine.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

This honestly makes a whole lot of sense. Costco's pharmacy takes care of a lot of people from customers to their staff. Costco Wholesale is all about making sure the safety and health of their customers and staff come first. Plus, the Costco pharmacies are known to be some of the best for prices in the nation.

If this goes well in other states I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Montana Costco's start administering the vaccine to the public. They already are positioned in the biggest hubs of Montana so they would know how to make sure to give out the vaccine properly and safely.

Wouldn't that be the absolute beautiful dream, go to Costco, get your bulk shopping done, get the COVID-19 vaccine and finish off your day with a $1.50 hot dog and soda combo. That sounds like a perfect Costco trip to me.

If we find out Costco's in Montana will soon give out the COVID-19 vaccine we will let  you know.

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