This might be an ingenious way to get folks vaccinated when they have the most free time and they could get a lot of shots done quickly.

So I was scrolling through TikTok and I saw something that was absolutely genius by the major league baseball team the Atlanta Braves to help folks get vaccinated. Apparently the Braves had a promotion on if you received a vaccine at the Braves stadium you will receive a free ticket to a game. This was all to help promote folks to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

@a.giant.amongst.menI can now say I got vaccinated at a @braves game #braves #covidvaccine #covid #pfizer #firstshot♬ original sound - Chris Gilbert via TikTok

Not only is the Atlanta Braves doing this but their Major League Soccer team the Atlanta United are going to be doing the same thing for an upcoming game. This is just a way to help get many people to get the free vaccine.

So that got me thinking, what about Bobcat Stadium for the upcoming football season? If the new north end zone facility is done they could set up a clinic in there for home games and they could even have a tent outside for people too. Plus, instead of giving away a free ticket to a game they could make it better with season passes for the next year. That would be a great prize for just getting vaccinated.

Many states are getting creative on getting their populace the COVID-19 vaccine. Ohio is giving away $1 million dollars to five folks who get their vaccines by May 26th and free college tuition to teens who get the shot. That's pretty sweet.

If Montana wants to get creative on folks getting the vaccine they need to come up with a way so they can get the vaccine easily or something that incentivizes them to get their shots.

Just a few ideas.

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