We have seen so many last minute changes during the fall and winter sports season, it would make sense that things might change in the spring too.

The Montana High School Association right now is deep into the state championships for boys and girls basketball state championships and wrestling as well too but we need to realize the start of the spring sports season is just a few weeks away and could we see some changes happen before that season starts.

Throughout the 2020-2021 Montana high school sports season we saw changes on several things from how many spectators can be at an event to playoffs to many other factors. The thing is the fall and winter sports season had a huge break in between time to try and relax keep everything spaced out but that won't be the case for spring sports.

Kenneth Mellott/Getty Images

As of right now, spring sports is scheduled to start in less than two weeks and those competitions for track and field, softball, gold and more will be in full swing. The Montana High School Association hasn't come out and said they have plans to change anything but something could come up soon. Especially sites for divisional tournaments and state tournaments.

That all relies on the county/city they are currently being held and how they are handling large groups or in this case sporting events. We have seen the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse here in Bozeman deny a state tournament for Class "C" boys and girls basketball and they are scheduled to host a golf state tournament and some other events.

We will just have to keep our eye on what will be happening and just have to roll with the punches but I just hope that all these student athletes get the full experience because last year's seniors weren't so lucky.

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