Honestly, I would ride this style of scooter so much especially if I was traveling a long distance.

So we all know we have Blink Ride electric scooters have been a pretty big hit here in the Bozeman area. From young adults to college students and more have used them to get around town in Bozeman and they are simple to use. You unlock them using an app and then use the app to pay for how much you use it. Then when you are done you just park it on the sidewalk.

The thing is, we might be seeing some new electric seated scooters coming to our area pretty soon if they are a big hit in Seattle. This new company called Wheels has decided to try and rival big scooter companies like Bird and Lime to bring a different more accessible version of the electric scooter to the general public. To be honest, a seated scooter sounds pretty darn comfortable.

These new seated scooters will have a basket underneath the seat that will make it easier to store your belongings or even put away groceries or whatever you might be carrying in your life.

Even though we only get to use electric scooters maybe five months out of the year here in Bozeman, they are a necessity for many college students or young adults who don't have transportation around the city. Plus, they are extremely inexpensive to use and track.

I think the seated electric scooters would be a hit here in Bozeman because there are many folks who walk to get groceries or go shopping and getting home a little bit faster sounds pretty good to me.

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