Just this idea could be a huge economic plus for whoever hosts the game, plus a great experience for everyone who goes. 

I love this time of the year where we have not only playoff football for both the Montana State Bobcats but also the University of Montana Grizzlies, but also it's bowl season for football teams in the FBS. That means we get to watch football nonstop over the next three weeks, and I am all for it. 

The thing is the bowl game they host are all over the United States, from California to New York to the Bahamas. This got me wondering, what would it take for Montana to host a bowl game? 

First off, they would have to host the game either at Bobcat Stadium or Washington-Grizzly Stadium. That would make the most sense, both are central to a big population and have a bevy of accommodations for folks. The only issue with this is, what if either university is in the playoffs? No worries. The bowl game could be played during the week and would be a nice change of pace. 

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

What would be next? Well, they would have to probably find a few big sponsors to make a catchy bowl name. Just think about it, what about the Montana Beef Bowl, sponsored by the Montana Beef Council, or The Town Pump Takedown Bowl sponsored by Town Pump. Those are just a few ideas. 

Most people think that bowl games happen in sunnier, warmer locations, but that's not always the case. They host bowl games in New York, Washington D.C, and other spots where they can have a snowy atmosphere. Plus, hosting a bowl game would put a lot more exposure on Montana State or the University of Montana and can be a big boost to the local economy. 

Plus, just think about all the different teams from the big conference that could end up playing right here in our city. That's pretty special to think about.

Just think about it, might be a fun idea. 

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