Costco is where you can save money while spending a ton of money. If they decide to add this item, our wallets will get a little lighter.

Costco is a wholesale store where folks can save money buying in bulk or finding incredible deals on groceries, clothes, everyday items, and more. People love shopping at Costco for everything. You can get car insurance, book trips, buy cars, and more at this store.

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One part of the store that everyone can enjoy, whether you are a member or not, is the food court. Costco's food court can give you a lot of food for an affordable price. You can get foot-long hot dogs, pizza, chicken bakes, and desserts at Costco's Food Court.

We recently learned that the Costco food courts in Canada serve another item that would be a massive hit if they added it to the Montana Costcos. That item is chicken wings. Check out this video.

@xxamyxxc I love Costco food it’s still pre inflation prices #costco #costcotiktok #costcobuys #costcofoodcourt #fypシ #chicken #friedchicken ♬ 3 minutes cooking style pop / cooking / sweets(957554) - ArcTracks

Credit: xxamyxxc via TikTok

That's right, Costco in Canada serves chicken wings at their food court, and the bucket comes with two sauces.

You might be wondering how much this would cost, and we found out it was only $17 for this entire bucket of wings. That's an incredible deal.

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

So why hasn't Costco in America added this food item? We have no idea. It would be a home run with many families and folks who like to save money on a quality meal. Thirty wings could easily feed you for a few days.

Costco, as a humble customer in Montana, please add these wings to your food court. You won't regret it.

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