Now all Costco has to do is bring back my favorite food court item and we will be all good forever.

MSN Lifestyle is reporting that Costco might be bringing back one of their favorite food court items to there menu and will feature a new twist, literally. The rumor is Costco will be rolling out churros back to their food courts nationwide and will actually be twisted. Twisted Churros sounds like a perfect snack after a long day of shopping in Costco.

Credit: CostcoBuys via Instagram

The big differences for this item if and when they come back to the food court is that they will cost a little bit more than the original churro. The original churro cost only a $1 a piece but the twisted churro will cost $1.49 each. That's a fair price rise. The churro went away when the pandemic first started in March 2020 and people have been missing the tasty treat.

The only thing is though, there is one food court item I want desperately back and that is the polish dog and soda combo. Listen, I don't mind the all beef hot dog and soda combo for a $1.50 but I preferred the polish dogs and were a perfect snack after shopping at Costco.

The Costco food court is always clutch for an after shopping snack or when you are on a budget and want a lot of food for really cheap. You can't go wrong with the Costco food court.

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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