If there is one thing that is for sure here in the Gallatin Valley it's that people love riding their bikes when the weather is great outside and this could be a huge hit with a lot of people.

If you haven't heard there is a project called the Great American Rail Trail that wants to connect a bike trail that spans coast to coast and the plan is already underway. The project is already over fifty percent finished, which is an amazing feat for over 3,700 miles of bike trails they are trying to connect. The trail transverses twelve states and this trail heavily involved Montana.

Looking at their incredible interactive map, Montana is one of their biggest projects where they need to map out bike trails. From Missoula through Bozeman and down to Yellowstone Park there are many spots that are planned segments or unplanned segments that need to get work out.

Just looking at this map, the route they have planned so far Montana would not only be one of the most scenic but also very tough just due to the elevation and paths they would have to take.

The Great American Rail Trail plans on using several trails here in Gallatin County including the North 19th Avenue Trail, Oak Street Trail, the Story Mill Spur and the Path to the M.

This whole idea is pretty awesome, when this gets finished we could legitimately see people traveling through the Gallatin Valley on their bikes enjoying the whole country and that's pretty cool. Especially because there are a few folks here in Gallatin County who would gladly do that and be grinning ear to ear the whole time.

For more details, check out the Great American Rail Trail.

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