Childish Gambino has dropped three well-received albums in his six-year career, including the newest project, Awaken, May Love!. But the next LP might be his last.

Glover performed at the 2017 Governor's Ball last night (June 3), blessing the crowd with cuts off the new LP. The crowd was lit off the funk-fused jams. But at the end, Gambino kind of left off on a sour note, if his statement is to be believed.

“I’ll see you for the last Gambino album,” the rapper said before quickly exiting the stage. The statement clearly left people confused as you can hear concertgoers questioning whether they heard what they think they heard.

If Glover does bow out after the next LP, the safe bet would be the reason is to totally focus on his acting and producing career. He is definitely a star on the rise having scored a Golden Globe for his work on his original FX series, Atlanta, in 2016.

Roles and jobs have continued to pile up, on top of him working on the second season of Atlanta, which isn't due until 2018. In February, news broke that he would play Simba in the upcoming remake of the famed Disney film, The Lion King.

It was recently announced that he would serve as one of the showrunners, executive producers and writers of a new animated series based on Marvel’s Deadpool comic. He also has a role in the upcoming film, Spiderman: Homecoming.

Do you think Gam is really about to hang up the mic?

Check last night's clip below.

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