The 2012 Chamberlin Rail Jam is coming quick.  First, if you haven't yet, get your tickets.  Get the info on when everything is going down. And last but not least,  plan your ride!  Karst Stage is giving rides on the Skyline Buses to Big Sky and back for only $5 round trip!  Its safe, it's easy, its cheap, and no one has to be the designated driver.

The buses will return from Big Sky at 8pm and 11pm and the pick up times in Bozeman are the same as always and you can see them on the schedule below.

As a reminder, no ticket is required to watch the Rail Jam competition.  A ticket IS required for the musical performances following the competition and the ticket does not get you in the after parties.

Event Schedule:

Bus Schedule: [Return times from Big Sky to Bozeman are 8pm and 11pm]