The 6th annual Chamberlin Rail Jam is happening this weekend. But you already knew that right?! If you don't have tickets you can get them here or you can get them at Cactus Records, either Tarantino's location, or at guest services in the Macy's court of the Gallatin Valley Mall. They are $30 and are good for both nights of entertainment. Tickets will also be available at the gate.Below you can see the schedule of events for both nights as well as info on bus rides up and back.

Buses are going up and back each night.  Leaving from Fudruckers, in the Gallatin Valley Mall parking lot, at 5:30pm and 6:30pm then coming back at 11pm.  Safe passage through the pass is always an awesome thing so take advantage. You can get bus tickets here or you can get them right before getting on the bus.

Here is the Streamline bus schedule in case you are looking to get up and ski or snowboard.

Can not wait to see you there!