On AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' our planet is overrun with flesh-eating zombies. And while Snooki, Donald Trump, John Mayer, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan aren't quite pretty enough to play the undead, we have the fix for that.

We've zombie-fied those annoying individuals to make them picture-perfect, and even given them appropriate new names -- just in time for Halloween.

Snooki vs. Ookie

'The Undead Jersey Shore' just doesn't have the same ring to it, but we wouldn't mind seeing how the Amputation's abs are faring under decomposition. Bonus points if Ookie has a zombie baby.

Snookie Zombie
D Dipasupil, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

Donald Trump vs. Donald Stumps

Even death cannot tame the Donald's hair, but at least that myth about your follicles growing after death is false. We'd hate to see what that mop looks like postmortem.

Donald Trump Zombie
Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

John Mayer vs. John Slay-her

We always knew he was rotten on the inside, and now it matches his outside as a warning to the ladies. Sometimes people don't wear their true selves where they can be seen.

John Mayer Zombie
Kevin Winter, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

Kim Kardashian vs. Kim Karslashian

As a zombie, Kim Karslashian still has no marketable skills, but that doesn't mean she won't be an undead reality star. It'll just be hard to keep her body in tip-top shape while fighting off the effects of rigor mortis.

Kim Kardashian Zombie
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

Lindsay Lohan vs. Limpy Lohan

And we thought Lindsay's eyes couldn't look any deader. You've proven us wrong, Zombie Lindsay. You've proven us wrong.

Lindsay Lohan Zombie
Valerie Macon, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

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