This revision is a pretty huge deal and could make life a little easier for those who have to quarantine.

Fox News is reporting that the Center for Disease Control will be lowering the quarantine time for the COVID-19 virus from fourteen days to seven to ten days. So if you have been have been in contact with someone who has had the virus but tested negative you will only have to quarantine for seven days but if you don't get tested then you will have to quarantine for ten days.
Credit: Gallatin Health via Facebook

The reasoning behind this decision to lower the quarantine days is due to the models they have ran and the Center for Disease Control believes that after seven days people who have been exposed and quarantine for seven days have a 1% chance of spreading the disease or contracting it.

This is an interesting move by the Center for Disease Control to lower the quarantine time from fourteen days to seven to ten days. The more you stay in quarantine the more unlikely you will either contract or spread the COVID-19 virus.

We have seen an absolute surge of cases of COVID-19 here in Gallatin County and we need to be careful. We need to just remember to wear a mask, be mindful and socially distance and to wash our hands constantly. If you do have to quarantine please stay home and protect yourself because we are far from ending this pandemic any time soon.

For more details on this report, check out Fox News.

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