Well, maybe you will have to just plan a trip around the United States instead this winter.

USA Today, is reporting that the Center For Disease Control and Prevention has extended it's 'no sail' order for the U.S. cruise industry through October 31st and it might get extended even further.

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So the order essentially says that any cruise lines won't be able to sail in United States water. The problem is that cruise ships hold too many passengers and staff for them not being able to socially distance and that was just one of the issues.

I know many folks who love to go on cruises and enjoy the ocean but you might want to plan a new trip to somewhere else in the mean time.

As of right now many international countries still won't allow American citizens due to the high number of COVID-19 cases we have. So here's my idea. What if instead of going on a cruise you just take a trip somewhere in the United States.

The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport has many flights where you can go to the ocean or just get some sunshine. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Phoenix are all great choices for direct nonstop flights for you to check out.

Not only that but JetBlue is offering a nonstop direct flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida this winter. There will be plenty of ocean and beaches for you to have some fun there.

2020 has been a rough, terrible year for traveling but we can still make the best of it.

For more details on the 'no sail' order, check out the USA Today.

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