Could you imagine having your kids fly by themselves? It seems like a scary idea, but it's still allowed. 

We've recently chatted about Montana's laws about leaving kids at home and how old they can be to ride in the front seat, but what about other ways of travel? With both Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, we thought we would see what rules there are about kids flying alone. 

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When people think of kids flying alone, their memories might go straight to Home Alone 2 when Kevin McCalister accidentally boards the wrong flight and goes to New York, but kids flying alone has been a normal thing for a while. 

Kids typically fly alone to travel to relatives and spend time wherever they might live. How young can kids fly alone, and on what airlines? The answer is surprising. 

Photo by Hanson Lu via Unsplash
Photo by Hanson Lu via Unsplash

USA Today states that most commercial airlines like United, Delta, Southwest, and American require escorts by the parents and relatives to the departure gate. This way the kids aren't alone in the airport. 

One of the wildest aspects is that kids as young as five years old can travel by themselves. Except these flights must be nonstop flights to the final destination and have zero connections. 

That makes total sense. You don't want your kids to try and find another airplane in a busy airport. You want to make sure all of your bases are covered. 

den-belitsky/Getty Images
den-belitsky/Getty Images

I'm not a parent, but I would have a hard time letting a five-year-old fly alone. The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is small, and I would feel safe letting a kid fly by themselves out of there, but I couldn't imagine leaving them alone in massive airports like Seattle, Denver, or Atlanta. I was a menace as a kid and probably miss the flight. 

Would you let your kids fly alone, or do they need parental supervision? For more details, check out USA Today

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