Camila Cabello defended her friend and previous tour-mate, Taylor Swift, amid Swift's struggle for music ownership with her ex-label Big Machine and the company's new owner, Scooter Braun. Cabello spoke candidly about her decision to back her pal.

When asked why she spoke up about the situation, Cabello told Variety that it's simply because she's her friend.

"And someone in her position — which is, like, on another level — I can’t imagine how many times she’s been let down by people, or gotten disappointed by friends who were just using her, or people who just wanted to be friends with Taylor Swift or whatever," Cabello explained. "I’m happy to be there for her as a person. Like, ‘Even when it’s not popular, I’ve got you. I’m, like, your real friend.'"

The "Havana" singer added that "with the Scooter thing, I one-hundred-percent feel her frustration. An artist of her caliber just being f–ed over like that, and not being able to have her masters? That sucks. It’s heartbreaking for her."

Cabello also shared that the music industry can set up artists to fail: "I do believe a lot of the systems in place for the music industry are kind of … messed up. When you think about how artists have to slave to make these things, and then you don’t own them, that is kind of a ridiculous concept.”

Cabello is on the cover of Variety's 2019 Power of Young Hollywood issue, which also features Cole Sprouse and Stephan James. She's currently working on new music for her sophomore studio album while Swift is releasing her seventh studio album, Lover, on August 23.

Camila Cabello Through the Years

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