It's great to see films and series show off Montana in different ways, but this particular show might seem a little strange to the average viewer. 

Variety reports that a brand new TV series on the Travel Channel and Discover+ is all about the paranormal activity in Butte, Montana. The show is called Ghosts of Devil's Perch and follows a paranormal investigator and psychic medium that work to uncover the mining town's seedy past. 

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Ghosts of Devil's Perch takes you into the underground city that still exists in Butte today and explores what happened years ago when the mining town was a booming.

According to the show synopsis, the paranormal expert, the psychic medium, and their tech expert are there to help stop unnatural occurrences in the town. What makes this show even more head-scratching is that it claims the mayor and sheriff of Butte asked for their help. 

That's right, Ghosts of Devil's Perch is saying the mayor and sheriff of Butte, Montana, have had so many calls and incidents with ghosts, they called in for help. There is so much paranormal activity there that the show is split into eight one-hour episodes covering this whole ordeal. 

The first episode debuted this past Sunday, August 21st, and there will be new episodes every Sunday. 

Photo by Natalie Nicks via Unsplash
Photo by Natalie Nicks via Unsplash

Montana has a deep history of ghost stories whose origins range from Native American reservations to tall tales on the highway. Butte does have a long, deep history that's filled with wild stories. During the copper days back in the late 1800s, anything could happen in that town. Plus, Butte's underground city was a big part of that. 

We have a question for you Montana: Are you going to watch this show? Do you think it's legit?

For more details, check out Variety

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