I am extremely disappointed in my former favorite action film star, Bruce Willis. Has he always been a royal nob or is this a new revelation for the Hollywood veteran? To start off, $3 million dollars for four days of filming isn't worth his time, apparently. 

asked for $4 million dollars to film for four days on the set of Expendables 3. They offered $3 million but it wasn't enough. Fellow actor
Sylvester Stallone said on Twitter that Willis' demands paint him as "greedy and lazy." Willis' role in the movie has since been replaced by Harrison Ford.

Maybe Bruce just really didn't want to be in the film. Or maybe he is just becoming a jerk as he ages.

Warning, the videos below will cause you to consider never watching a Bruce Willis movie again. Or at least you won't enjoy them knowing he's a jerk in real life.

Writer/Director Kevin Smith shares his thoughts on working with Bruce Willis



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