Lately, I've noticed that we have a tendency to walk by life's moments as if they were as common place as some advertising piece in a magazine. We just skim right over it. We disregard the power and magnitude of our day-to-day lives. My message here is to remind us to perceive the beauty before our very eyes! What we see is not some allegorical representation of "something else", some "like" reality. THIS is it. This is what all the stories are about. It is life. (period)! It doesn't get any more real!!!!

Enjoy the view. Steven and Paige married last week. Way better than all the stories, and "as if's" in all the media drenched world that we daily subscribe to.

Steven breaths in the moment.

In a moment of joy, Steven hugs his brother while his bride walks down the aisle.

Taking a moment to reflect on the day and our amazing Montana!

Don't forget to love, freely!

Steven and Paige... thank you. May God bless your union.

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