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The Gift Worth Giving

Entry Deadline 2/6/11

It’s LOVE, of course.

Love is self-perpetuating. When you give love in all of its forms, it goes out and does its perfect work. Then at some point it’s returned back to you. This cycle encourages everyone to give love; we give it because we love.

Through marriage vows, two people start a new life together—perhaps the ultimate expression of love between two individuals. So, in order for us to help perpetuate the love, we’ve decided to gift it in the form of an unforgettable wedding day to a deserving, loving Montana couple.

The three founders of this gift—Larry Stanley, Megan Jacks, and Jena Silverness —work in the wedding industry. In different ways, they each help couples create their dream weddings, watching true love evolve. And now they want to give a dream wedding to a couple that may not be able to afford their own. These three, along with a team of talented, generous professionals, are giving of themselves and their love to create this gift.

The Wedding Date: Sunday, July 10th, 2011 @ Springhill Pavilion • Bozeman, Montana

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Entry Deadline is the end of January.